Healing hands Foundation Urban Farming Initiative transforms your Generosity Into meaningful Change For Communities And Society.  We are advocates for the growing of fruits, herbs, and vegetables in towns and cities, a process that is accompanied by many other activities such as processing and distributing food, collecting and reusing food waste.

This initiative seeks to change urban agriculture through tech  innovation and answer a variety of urban development goals beyond the provision of green infrastructure and food, such as social inclusion, adaptation to climate change, poverty alleviation, urban water management.

Vertical Hydroponic Community Gardens

Our mission is to promote the application of innovative Controlled Environment and outdoor  Vertical hydroponics in urban environments which serve as a models for sustainable and efficient food production. Our vision is to make fresh and nutritious food in our Schools Projects , Skills Training Program and  our community.  Healing Hands Foundation Urban Farming Intiative  is incubating a forwarding-thinking, urban farming future with hands-on educational programs for youth and communities.

Help us Grow Lives through sustainable living

Donations to the Urban Farming Initiative will help us setup and offer training on how to run a  controlled environment growing systems. Healing Hands Foundation Youth Projects and  Skills Training Program will mentor participants to turn the program into a self sustaining business, that will create employment and community engagement. The Urban Farming Initiative will teach  and reduce negative environmental impacts by promoting sustainable farming methods  and reducing water runoff.


  • Vertical Hydroponic Tunnel Setups
  • Shipping Container Hydroponic Farms 
  • Repurosed buildings/ Warehouse Farms
  • Backyard Greenhouse
  • Hydroponic Farm-in-a-Box